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Areas We Specialise In

Areas We Specialise In

Jardine specialises in six industries and sectors:

  • Islamic Finance
  • Halal Food
  • Halal Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Islamic Infrastructure

Islamic Finance

We cover the Islamic banking spectrum including Islamic banking, Islamic asset management, capital markets and Islamic finance consultancy and Islamic Insurance. Sheikh Nizam Yaquby, is a member of our advisory panel which gives us world leading knowledge and expertise in this area. Sheikh Nizam Yaquby is World’s foremost Islamic Shari’ah advisor and one of the most powerful figures in Islamic finance and Islamic economy. His knowledge about Shariah and Law in the financial system helps us in obtaining personals that meet the criterion of our clients. Additionally, he helps in training and developing leaders that are in line with the Islamic values.

Halal Food

In this section, we deal with, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, logistics, research & product development and other food services. To help us in this field, we have Saleh Lootah and Love Yadav on our advisory panel. Saleh Lootah is the Managing Director of the UAE based Al Islami Foods, which is one of the world‘s leading Halal foodstuff producer; and Love Yadav specialises in the international Halal Food sector based in KL. Through their expertise, we have knowledge of the halal food space that is unprecedented amongst human capital companies.

Halal Lifestyle

In this field, we specialise in cosmetics, industry pharmaceuticals, fashion, entertainment, art & design and media. Through the expertise of Abdelaty Elsharkawy and Alia Khan, we are able to excel in this area. Abdelaty Elsharkawy is an eminent Egyptian scholar, Islamic researcher and Islamic lifestyle expert; and Alia Khan is the founder of the Islamic Fashion Design Council which supports, guides, and helps those who wish to participate in the noble Islamic fashion industry. Their skills and capabilities about the Islamic culture and lifestyle make us well equipped to cater to the needs of our clients.


We provide human capital services for jobs which include: hospitality, tourism, conferences & exhibitions, healthcare. Mr. Hani Lashin is our expert in this sector. He is the Group Manager of Al Jawhara Group and he played a pivotal role in developing Jawhara as Sharia’h complaint hospitality group. He also has 20 years of work experience in the diversified field of hotels & resorts with well known groups.


This section of our company calls for creativity and we help them nurture these new ideas. The services provided by us include: technology & innovation, venture capital financing, incubation and training. To help us provide an extremely advanced training and counsel in this field, we maintain the support of Waqar Mirza. He is a professional in marketing and banking and has 30 years of experience in marketing Islamic products. Through his expertise, we are able to provide entrepreneurs who are well-trained and qualified to pursue companies with the base of Islamic ethics and values.

Islamic Infrastructure

We select and develop talent for sectors which include: training & education, compliance, standardisation research, Muslim consumer marketing & research and government services. We excel in this area with the guidance and support of Tayeb al Rais. He has served as the Secretary General to the Awqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation [AMAF] since 2009. Following an illustrious career spanning 24 years in the private sector, he welcomed the hugely gratifying opportunity to help people through management of Awqaf funds and dealing with empowerment of minors. Through his support, we provide excellent service in regards to Islamic infrastructure and development.