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Information for Candidates

Information for Candidates


The Jardine Human Capital and Islamic Finance News Portal has been created to help bring together those with qualifications in the Islamic space or those who have an intention to enter the space.

For companies, there is the chance to find and access incredible talent from all over the world with the required qualifications and experience of working in the Islamic space and also those who are looking to enter the Islamic space, where the intention to learn more and work with for instance, islamic finance products, halal food supply chain to even the development of revolutionary halal pharmaceuticals. There is not yet a system which caters specifically to this requirement.

For candidates, there is the chance to upload their personal profile and CV onto a system which is tailored to the economy which they wish to enter into.
Not be lost amongst a vast database of CV’s and as a result, be easier to find for the companies looking for great talent.
To quickly and easily find jobs, posted by companies globally who are looking for candidates with experiences, expertise or the intention to work for an Islamically run company/department.


Any of the below
Qualification in an Islamic orientated course/degree/module
Work experience in an Islamic company/division/branch
A desire or interest to work in a company that works in the Islamic Space, no matter what your background


The sectors that the portal focuses on are below
Halal Cosmetics
Islamic Fashion
Halal Food Production
Halal Food Sector
Islamic Banking and Finance
Halal Pharmaceuticals
Family Travel and Tourism


Once on the portal, the process is as follows
A) Register by clicking ‘Register’ in the menu bar at the top right hand side of the site.
B) Your CV and personal profile will be hosted on the portal.
C) You will be able to search for positions by sector, country, length of experience and company.