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Information for Employers

Information for Employers


The Jardine Human Capital and Islamic Finance News Portal has been created to help bring together those with qualifications in the Islamic space or those who have an intention to enter the space.

For companies, there is the chance to find and access incredible talent from all over the world with the required qualifications and experience of working in the Islamic space and also those who are looking to enter the Islamic space, where the intention to learn more and work with for instance, islamic finance products, halal food supply chain to even the development of revolutionary halal pharmaceuticals. There is not yet a system which caters specifically to this requirement.

For candidates, there is the chance to upload their personal profile and CV onto a system which is tailored to the economy which they wish to enter into
Not be lost amongst a vast database of CV’s and as a result, be easier to find for the companies looking for great talent.
To quickly and easily find jobs, posted by companies globally who are looking for candidates with experiences, expertise or the intention to work for an Islamically run company/department.


Any of the below
To be a company who sells or markets ‘Islamic’ products, including companies which have islamic windows
Intending to enter the Islamic space and requires expertise to set up and run new divisions
Any company who presently works in, or intends to enter one of the branches of the Islamic Economy
To place on the system jobs with a minimum salary of 10,000AED per month


The simple process involves
1)     The prospective employer signs Master Service Agreement (MSA) as a one-time agreement
2)    Client provides jobs to Jardine/IFN/dProfiles for posting through a separate request that is paid for through any channel, e.g Bank Transfer.


$155 USD – Per Job Opening, for a three week period (21 days)
Email for pricing options for multiple positions and duration of hosting options.


1) How do I post jobs?
Just get in touch with us with the necessary job description and we will handle the rest
2) Can candidates apply for my jobs without evaluation?
Yes we do offer this facility, but do not recommend it. The whole idea behind dProfiles is to help you automatically evaluate and rank candidates based on your criteria.
3) We already have a job portal which we use to source resumes, Can we link up to dProfiles to evaluate these candidates?
Yes using our sophisticated dMatrix methodology it is possible to evaluate subjective responses. Not only that we can help you develop such subjective evaluation criteria and create the complete evaluation matrix for you.