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Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping

PRISM, using neuroscience, can analyse whether an individual is in a role which they are comfortable in and whether their skill set and personality traits are suited to that job. Someone may seem like ‘the right fit’ for a certain job on paper, but in reality their personality and strengths may be very contradictory to that role, PRISM can create a brain map and a report which conveys this.

The aim is to create job satisfaction & longevity, and place them into a career they are suited to. The PRISM tool can identify the personality traits of an individual and create a ‘Brain Map’ visualizing what tasks they are comfortable and less comfortable in carrying out. PRISM can use this to determine whether their skill set and personality traits are suited to that job.

PRISM can generate a report which has to be delivered with consultancy, also members of the PRISM team can hold a sessions at a college, or at a work place, where they analyse the attendees before the session. The team will then come and explain how PRISM works, and later on in the day they are asked to complete complicated mental tasks, e.g. a mock stock exchange session to help with team building.

There are two ways that PRISM can help with Team Building, either by Workshops run by PRISM team members or through brain mapping and analysing of the team. The basic goal is to transform your team, getting people to work together in a powerful way, taking personal responsibility for their own performance, as well as that of the overall business. This will generate measurable improvement every time.

How do you ensure everyone in the team has the right attitude and is taking the right actions to produce great results time after time?

PRISM Brain mapping helps people understand their preferred working styles, learn how best to work with others, and determine how their personal goals and those of the organisation can be implemented.

This practical and interactive workshop uses the power of PRISM to foster openness and trust within a team. It provides a way to understand human behaviour and a language to discuss that behaviour in constructive and empowering terms. Participants learn how to work together more efficiently and effectively – to accomplish high performance while maintaining their relationships.

Brain Mapping

The PRISM Building High Performance Teams workshop focuses on:
  • The steps to creating a high performing team
  • How excellent teams behave
  • Team problem solving – the PRISM Cycle of Performance Excellence
  • Identifying and addressing silo mentality or working practices
  • Creating a positive attitude towards change
  • Understanding each other’s working strengths
  • Making more use of the power of team thinking & synergy
  • Improving team communication
  • Developing team trust and support 
This report must be supported with a professional consultancy session with the individual or team. The input and output can also be in Arabic.