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Team Building

Team Building

Jardine has two team building partners, which are Team Dynamics International and McQueen’s.
Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics is a people-driven organisation committed to the process of continuous performance improvement and to providing training and personal development programmes that enable people to work more effectively in support of business objectives.

We achieve this: first, by setting aside adequate time to study each customer’s business and training needs, we produce experience-based programmes that are directly relevant to the customer’s needs; Second, by employing highly experienced and motivated staff to deliver and facilitate experiential learning, based on widely accepted principles and models and reinforced by an effective transfer to work process, we ensure that our learning by doing approach is effective, memorable and fun.

Mc Queen's

McQueen’s Education Group was formed with the aim of taking British education and training beyond its borders into the transnational arena. Our mission is to make a unique blend of British quality, flexibility, integrity and value for money accessible to aspiring young people worldwide through the provision of opportunities, both direct to learners, and through a network of international partners.

McQueen’s is also specialised in delivering a 3-Day high performance ‘VPOWER’ HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM BUILDING programme for corporate. Major exercises of the programme will be conducted in the intense kitchen environment, by professional management and culinary experts, where the team will learn the key skills required to work in a team.